Don Bosco’s Christmas Advice

During his Christmas address on December 23, 1859, St. John Bosco gave a recommendation to his boys in the oratory which is something we can do even today. The true beauty of Christmas is Incarnational, that is, God reached out to us and became a human person. We can imitate what God did this Christmas, Don Bosco says, by sharing a part of ourselves with others through simply writing a letter or a Christmas card. Those who know me well know how much old fashioned  snail mail means to me. I have letters and cards that are 40 years old that I cannot part with so my children will have to pitch them after my death. 4 days is old by internet standards. So this Christmas, defy the fast-paced world of e-cards and facebook notifications, get a piece of paper or a Christmas card, write a few paragraphs to a parent or grandparent or aunt whose greatest joy is hear from loved ones and put a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox. Total cost is about a buck. Best buck you’ll spend this month, I bet!

“I want you to be happy, actually very happy, during this Christmas season. The Heavenly Child to born again in these days and who wants to be born every year anew in your hearts is expecting something special from you.

“You have heard in homilies what Jesus did for us. Many Fathers of the Church tell us that the Lord would have been born and died the same way as he did, even if there was only one person to save. What he suffered for everybody, therefore, he suffered for each one of us. So every person can say, ‘This Child is born and died for me; just for me he suffered so much! How can I show him the thankfulness he deserves?’

“Yes, this dear Child is awaiting a special gift from us. What are you going to give him? There are two things I advise you: First, make a good Confession and a good Communion with the promise to always be faithful to him. Second, write a good letter to your parents as a Christian son. Wish them a joyous Christmas time, assure them that you are praying for them, thank them for the sacrifices they are making for you, ask their forgiveness for the occasions when you lacked respect toward them, promise that you will always love them…If you write like this, you will bring them great consolation and that also makes Jesus very happy, so you console both! And, in the end, we all end up with a very blessed Christmas!”


About thereserita

Happy Catholic seeking to share that happiness with others.
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