Contemplation Is Participation In Eternity

In college, I had the dubious distinction of taking two semesters of archery. The only bit of knowledge or skill that I took away from those classes was the instructor’s constant admonition to “Aim above the target.” If the archer aims at the target, without taking the dynamics of trajectory into account, she inevitably missses because the arrow lands too low.

In our quote from today, St Therese urges us to do what the motivational speakers advise us to do: Begin with the end in mind. That’s why she tells us, “Let us go forward in peace, our eyes fixed on Heaven, the one goal of all our works. ” More than once in my life, someone has told me that they will be very happy is they end up in purgatory when they die. I’ve always answered that, if they’re aiming at purgatory, they’ll probably end up in hell. Everyday we must aim as high as possible, heaven, if we are to attain it.

The great new is, we don’t have to wait until we die to experience heaven. Pope Benedict tells us that,” It is in the communion of the Saints that the union between the two dimensions of one Church are united, that moves in times and yet participates in the never-ending feast in the heavenly Jerusalem.” And this reality “begins down here on earth”, he explained, “and reaches its fulfilment in heaven.. To be Christian, to take part in the Church means to open oneself to this communion, like a seed that is buried in the earth, dying, sprouts up on high, to heaven. With this faith full of hope, may we all become saints!” November 3, 2012


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Happy Catholic seeking to share that happiness with others.
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