For Love of Trifles

Image While on a train trip returning from Rome to France in 1887, ten years before her death, Therese was captivated by the amazing scenery that surrounded her. This is her reflection on it:

“I said to myself: ‘Later on, in the hour of trial, when, a prisoner in the Carmel, I shall be able to see only a little corner of the heavens, I will recall this scene and the remembrance will give me courage. I shall no longer be preoccupied about my own petty interests when thinking on the greatness and power of God. I will love Him alone and shall not be so unfortunate as to become attached to trifles now that my heart foresees something of what He has in store for those who love Him.'”

How often, daily, do I become “so unfortunate as to become attached to trifles?” How often must I ask my good angel to remind me to “lift up my head” in order to see the glory that surrounds me? Each night as I perform a short Ignatian Review of my day (, I am often stopped in mid-reflection when I remember something utterly miraculous that happened to me that day but, at the moment, it passed me by because of my preoccupation with “trifles.”

As we follow Therese’s Little Way throughout the Year of Faith , let’s concentrate for a moment on the moment, the many moments, that God presents to us in the course of the day to enable our hearts to foresee “something of what He has in store for those who love Him.” Let’s repent of neglecting the wealth that we are surrounded with—things that money cannot buy—while we vigilantly pursue the trifles that money can buy. In silence, let’s begin to enjoy heaven now!


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