from St. Augustine’s ‘Confessions’

from St. Augustine's 'Confessions'

“But yet when I love You, what is it that I love? Not the beauty of any body, not the order of time, not the clearness of light that so gladdens our eyes, not the harmony of sweet songs of every kind, not the fragrance of flowers, or spices of aromatic odors, not manna, nor honey, nor limbs delightful to the embrace of flesh and blood. Yet do I love a kind of light, a kind of voice, a kind of odor, a kind of food, a kind of embracing of the inward man, when the light shines in my soul which is not circumscribed by any place, when the voice sounds which is not snatched away by time, when that odor pours forth which is not scattered by the air, when that food savors the taste which is unconsumed by eating, when that embrace is enjoyed which is not divorced by satiety: this is it which I love when I love You, my God.”


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