Send Lazarus To Dip The Tip Of His Finger

Send Lazarus To Dip The Tip Of His Finger

The Rich Man (Dives) knew who Lazarus was. After he died and went to hell, he recognized Lazarus standing next to Father Abraham in heaven and asked that Lazarus be sent to him to relieve his suffering. This is a point in the parable that we would do well to note well: Dives knew Lazarus and, according to Luke, never did anything wrong but simply ignored Lazarus during the time they spent on this earth. Lazarus received more attention from the dogs who licked his wounds than from the Rich Man at whose door he sat.

In Revelations, Jesus identifies Himself as He who waits at the door of hearts, knocking. He identifies with Lazarus and makes Himself dependent on our response of love to His love.

St. Paul of the Cross says, “…There ought to be a reciprocal repose; you in God and God in you. O sweet and divine interpenetration! God nourishes Himself, let me say for want of a better word, God nourishes Himself with your spirit and your spirit sustains herself with the Spirit of God. Jesus is my nourishment and I am His. There is no illusion possible in this operation, because it is a labor of love and faith.”

During this Year of Faith, that is requiring much more faith than we anticipated, let us “open wide the doors to Christ” and “nourish” Him with the faith and love that He Himself pours into our hearts. This reciprocity will then overflow to everyone we know. In that way, we won’t find ourselves with Dives on the day that we die.


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