I Put Before You Life and Death. Choose Life!

I Put Before You Life and Death. Choose Life!

1 April 2013
Monday in the Octave of Easter
by Fr. Raymond Gawronski, S.J.

We so naturally want our Faith to completely obliterate all the shadows, all the confusion, indeed, all the evil of the world. Though in time, God’s victory will be complete in all His Creation, the ultimate victory is a gradual one, the timetable of it known to Him alone.

Still you’d think the Resurrection would obliterate all doubts. And indeed, the appearances of the Risen Lord did in fact do that – but to His chosen witnesses. From the very start, money and power conspired to keep the joy of the Resurrection from the hearts of some men. Those who would cry: “We have no king but Caesar” when He was undergoing His trials remained adamant, loyal only to the powers of this world (and the powers behind this world).

There is then a choice: either to believe the humble women who have seen the Lord, and to head off to humble Galilee – the sticks! – to await His revelation. Or to settle back into the cynical world of power, prestige, money and worldly control. The choice was there from the beginning, and it will be there until the end. The two ways, the two cities, each with its own – and opposite destinies. Let us choose the humble, and glorious, Risen One.


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