Heaven on Earth

jesus children

John 3:31-36

“Eternal Life is not future life; it is life now, the full, true life for which we are made.

“The capacity to desire is the meaning of our daily life, the power that gives the will to build, to be able to see and resolve your problems and those of others…We are made not for limited values, for merely material realities, but for the infinite and for the eternal, for God. If we barter the infinite for an infinite series of finite things, with satiety in material things, if we reject healthy toil, the beauty of sacrifice that enables us to have within a free and welcoming space to receive and to strive in the desire of the Absolute, then the result is nausea, apathy and the senselessness that arouses only cynicism and desperation and even perversion of nature in the search for new emotions.

“Truly, this is the root of the evils of our time and the lack of orientation, of meaning, of gusto in life, of awareness of the value and the dignity of the person. Living on the edges of the world by your own free choice, to be able to nourish without distraction solely the desire for communion with Christ, means beginning already today to enjoy, even in the obscurity of faith, that Face that we will see unveiled. One puts oneself at the edges of the world only to be more freely in the heart of God and in the heart of the Church, and thus in the heart of the world.”

Mother Maria Geltrude Arioli, O.S.B is the prioress of the Monastery of St. Benedict in Milan, Italy
Magnificat 4/13


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