Fear Is a Prison

Fear Is a Prison

This is a photo taken in England in 1940 of Miss Ena Squire-Brown, an international dancer,  leaving her recently bombed London home for St. George’s Church in Forest Hill, to marry Royal Air Force flying officer J.C. Martin.

When I heard Jesus telling us in the Gospel reading this morning to “let not our hearts be troubled” or afraid, this is the picture I thought about. It’s obvious that this woman is so in love that she’s not going to let a little thing like a bombed out home keep her from the man she wants to marry.

This is what Jesus is trying to tell us. We can’t help being scared but we can help living in fear. Fear is a prison and Jesus came to set prisoners free. It is pretty obvious that Pope Francis too is trying to shake Catholics awake and help us to realize that, in the Church, God has given us an endless goldmine that He expects us to share with everyone.

If we bury the talents we’ve been given out of fear, the same fate awaits us as the last man in the parable of the Ten Talents. For my part, I want to live like Ena did in 1940; ignoring my bombed out house and setting out to live my life in this Year of Faith with hope.


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Happy Catholic seeking to share that happiness with others.
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