Through It All, Love Remains

Finger-of-God1“And so I bow my knee to the Father from whom every family on earth takes its name.” Ephesians 3:14-15

In some religions, those words are considered blasphemy which is punished by killing. To others, secularists who worship their own ideas, this Scripture is laughable, a cause for mockery and derision. They are quick to remind us of all the failed fathers and all the failings of our father. They determinedly refuse to acknowledge the good of fatherhood and decide to ‘bend their knee’ only to the failures of fatherhood. Well, like my daughter says, everyone has their own pope.

For my part, I am filled with love for my earthly dad who himself was filled with all the love and the foibles common to every man. I am filled with love for all the great dads I know, none of whom are perfect, but who each strive to be. I am filled with love for all the selfless men who lay the joy of children on the altar of celibacy in order to be father to me and to every child of God in His Holy Catholic Church.

In spite of the sneering derision of our Culture of Death, on this weekend in which the Church celebrates Evangelium Vitae, I join St. Paul in bowing my knee in humble thankgiving and joy to our Heavenly Father, not for what He’s done but for who He is. God who loves me through all the wonderful men He has put in my life, especially Jesus Christ. Through all the ups and downs, He’s made it evident to me that Love Remains!


About thereserita

Happy Catholic seeking to share that happiness with others.
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