Glenna June 2012As a Catholic revert, I walked a long way down the road of my own choosing before “coming to my senses” and, like the son in the parable, returned to the prodigal love of my Father poured out in the Catholic Church. The reason for this blog is to help us all discover more and more and little by little, the riches available everyday through the Church which Christ founded while He lived on earth. When we’re on a dead end street, at some point we’re just going to have to turn around and come back so, the sooner we turn around, the shorter the walk back will be!


2 Responses to About

  1. pramer says:

    Hello, who adminsters this blog? wonderful posts for the Year of Faith’. Thank you. I was just wondering who actually owns this blog, tried to search but could not.

  2. pramer says:

    Anyway, I am Prasad. Thanks for your blog and all its contents, I love them. Pray for me as I prepare myself to become a servant of Christ as His priest.

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